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The vehicle finance calculator helps you calculate the monthly repayments you would have to make for a given vehicle loan and loan terms. Start by entering the purchase price of the vehicle you are interested in buying. Then use the sliders to vary the extras, deposit, rate, term etc. by sliding the buttons to the left or right.All calculations made on calculators supplied on this site, together with rates quoted, are guidelines only and are subject to confirmation at the time of finalising any transactions. All information regarding the products, fees, rates and/or costs which are included in and form a fundamental basis of the calculations are subject to change at any time before a final pre-agreement quote being provided to the User. The User indemnifies Nissan against any loss or liability, which the User may suffer as a result of the use of any calculator. The site and all information provided on this site and the services provided on this site, are provided "as is". The information provided on this site should not be treated as professional advice of any kind.